Can be made with different additives, see below. 

If you would like to be suprised with your product, please comment below. 

**Please note, resin products take about 24-48 hours to make and cure. I will not send any product off if I am not happy with it.**


Please see photos under the "more menu" for glitters and additives. 
**Please type in the exact glitter name and/or additive you were after. Glitters and additives can be mixed together**

Available glitter: 
Spearmint, ultra fine purple, pink & white mix, sea blue, pink raspberry, blue raspberry, aqua chunky hegagons, purple people eater chunky, galaxy, mermazing, black dust, ouija sparkle, superstars, sherbet orange, fire, orange/red, gold/glitter sparkle, purple & black magic, blue & green colour mix, light pink sparkle.


Available additives: 
Candy, circle/stars & sparkle, confetti, grape sprinkles, Mickey Mouse sprinkle,  Mouse heads, penguins & snow flakes, tutti fruitti, up yours, silver shattered glass. 


Available flakes: 
Silver, gold, rose, purple. 


Available opal flakes: 
Gold, unicorn, purple, blue.


Available powder: 
Neon orange pigment powder.  

Resin Ice Cream