Always trying to find that gold coin for your trolley? Fear no more, we have the perfect solution. 
Shop in style with our perfecltly glittered trolley tokens. Simply clip it on to your keys or bag and away you go. 
Works like a charm every time, and the best part, you don't have to leave it in the trolley whilst you shop.

Your trolley token will come with a silver clasp attached for you to easily clip it onto anything you like. 


All trolley tokens are tried and tested before they are shipped. 

Our trolley tokens have been tested in most trolley's including Woolworths, Coles and Spotlight. 

Our trolley tokens are made from resin, Emz Emporium take no repsonsibility for misuse of the product. 


Please note, with the nature of handmade products, there will always be a very slight variance form the product pictured whether it be with the sizing or colouring. This is what makes handmade so special though, nobody has the exact same product.
Please keep your resin product away from direct sunlight and away from any direct heat sources.  

'Midnight Sherbet' Trolley Token