If you would like to be suprised with your product, please comment below. **Please note, resin products take about 24-48 hours to make and cure. I will not send any product off if I am not happy with it.** 


To see examples of glitter/colours, please see photos under "FAQ" If you see a specific glitter you like, please type the glitter name into the box below, if you just put a colour, I'll choose the glitter. 


Can also insert dogs' name with letters. - Just let me know in the comments box. Note: can only first 7 letters. Colours come in coloured (pictured) or black and white, Please let me know what if you would like coloured or black and white  or I will pick at random. 


Resin is not harmful to dogs or any other animals once it is cured. I will only send the product off, once I am happy with it and it's 100% cured. 

Dog Name Tag